EA Partners is "Open For Business"

EA Partners is "Open For Business"

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau

EA Labels President Frank Gibeau says a rumor that surfaced in April about the closure of the EA Partners publishing label is false.

Electronic Arts made significant cuts to its workforce back in April, reportedly resulting in the closures of PopCap Vancouver and Need for Speed: World developer Quicklime Games, as well as EA Partners, a third-party publishing and distribution arm that had handled games for Crytek, Epic, Double Fine and other studios. At the time, EA refused to confirm specific numbers or which operations had been affected, but now Gibeau says that while the division has been scaled back, EA Partners still alive and kicking and doing deals.

"We are absolutely open for business to partner with developers out there. In fact on mobile, as an example, with our Chillingo team, we just published three games this week," he told Polygon.

As for consoles, the transition between generations has Electronic Arts focusing on its own titles rather than those of other studios, he explained, which is part of why EA Partners had to be scaled back. "We had, frankly, too much capacity inside of our EA Partners team to handle more projects than we were in position to want to have right now. That was what was the scaling back of it was," he said. "But Partners is open for business."

Foremost among the big-name titles EA Partners is currently set to publish is Titanfall, the first game to come out of Respawn Entertainment, which is slated for release in spring 2014.

Source: Polygon


I like this version of EA, they have good PR, the business practices are getting better. I could swear they have learnt how to behave.

The way EA is run, Frank, I highly doubt anything in your company will be "open for business" by the end of the year.

By 'open for partnership', they mean that their orphan baby farm is running low and they need a top up.

You too can be a partner for the low, low cost of 17 baby orphans eleventy billion dollars.

"Open for Business"? What are they publishing? Tramp stamps?

More like someone finally looked at the business closing costs for EA Partners and they realized it would cost more to close down the program than it would cost just to keep the "label" open for another fiscal year.

"It was all just a misunderstanding!"

Maybe this part of EA should be completely buffed up and then scrap that other publisher part?

Just saying...

Evil Smurf:
I like this version of EA, they have good PR, the business practices are getting better. I could swear they have learnt how to behave.

Maybe they fired everyone, cause it seems like MS have been hiring.

i get the impression of a serial killer who is fishing around for new targets while they're priming popcap

i can't really believe that all of these companies are making these terrible decisions (which stink of EA meddling) purely by themeselves, because the way they react to to negative press by taking responsibility seems to indicate that they're being held hostage

And this new EA CEO seems to keep on giving....
i guess there now is hope for EA after all.


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