State of Decay Sells 250K Copies In Two Days On XBLA

State of Decay Sells 250K Copies In Two Days On XBLA


The only game to sell better than State of Decay on XBLA is Minecraft.

There are sales stats, there are great sales stats, and then there is State of Decay, the zombie apocalypse title that, according to developers Undead Labs, has moved 250,000 units in 2 days on Xbox Live. The only title to ever surpass that sales record is Notch's fabled Minecraft, which already had an excellent sales history before moving to the console. "There just aren't the words to describe the feeling," says Undead Labs, which went into this without any marketing budget whatsoever. State of Decay did it on word of mouth alone.

"All we had," says Undead Labs, "was what we believed was a great game and a great community. And make no mistake, a solid game is not enough, not in 2013." The fans pushed State of Decay the rest of the way. Undead Labs promises to "never going to stop pushing to make the best games we can," and dreams of busting the all-time Xbox Live sales record of 6 million copies.

State of Decay is an open world apocalypse title, in which you have to plan as well as shoot your way to survival. You need a strong base camp, a working community, supplies of food, water, ammunition, and a whole lot of luck. It escaped the zombie pens back on the 5th, but - though a PC version is in the works - it's just an Xbox 360 title at the moment.

Source: Undead Labs


I'm glad.

I've really liked what I've seen so far, and as soon as it comes to PC, you can bet your half-decomposed arses that I'll be buying it too.

They were very clever with this, they handed it out to a load of Lets Play types and said 'make videos please,' the rest took care of itself. Given that it can broadly be described as DayZ, but with more polish and on Xbox, it's success is well deserved.

Perhaps Nintendo should take note.

Was gonna wait for the "nowhere close to "soon"" PC release, but then a mate of mine called me on Skype and we got to talking about what he was doing in the background. Started praising it through the roof. So what could I do but buy the damn thing myself. Haven't regretted it so far, and I'd consider myself likely to re-buy it for PC later on.

Last game I bought was Halo 4. Game before that was Halo: Reach. I don't buy many games for my Xbox.

Given that it can broadly be described as DayZ, but with more polish and on Xbox

I'd have to STRONGLY disagree.

DayZ is nothing without the Multiplayer component. I'm not saying you have to get shot by other players every five minutes, but rolling with a couple of friends, or an entire platoon, is just so much more... I don't know, what, epic? It's a way cooler feeling anyway.

I've had tons of non-hacker-induced deaths in DayZ, but haven't been below 20% health in any situation in State of Decay in my 17 hours played at this point.

It's fun, it's great, but I can't compare it to DayZ. They're vastly different.

OK, I'm fucking done waiting patiently. Make with the PC release already, Undead Labs.

I'm just desperatley waiting for a PC release. I bought a new computer last fall, top of the line, so if something's coming out for PC and consoles now, I wait for the PC release. I've been waiting for State of Decay for over a year now... I think I can wait a bit longer. Life is pretty busy right now anyway, and it'll hopefully be out in time for my vacation in mid-August.

I'm so glad the game is doing so well - following the forums and the site for so long, everyone had such high hopes but the community seemed small. I'm glad I was wrong.

Thank god, this game does some really cool things that should have been already made a long time ago (most zombie games with one or two exceptions are about killing zombies instead of surviving the apocalypse). People that say that zombies are getting old really dont see the scope of what a good zombie game can give.

Now lets wait for them to add co-op to the 360 version and release the PC version. I would like to see a hard mode too, there needs to be the option to play the game in a really desperate setting.

Eh, Lalla Ward and Tom Baker spent much of the first episode not looking at each other cause they were fighting, and there's some very silly faces pulled later on.

When I was young I thought the Great One's appearance on the scanner was scary though, even if it really shouldn't be moving like that.



This sounds pretty cool. I, too, shall eagerly await a PC version. Of course, it helps that I don't have an Xbox so I really don't have much of a choice.

To bad all the lets plays i have seen on youtube a crinchworty rage inducing clusterf*cks. On the other hand this IS a good game.. one that finaly gets that the "survival" aspect of the zombie genre is one of the best aspects.

Huh. To me, it seemed for that half-a-year long wait, I was practically one of the only people I knew who was excited about it. I'm very glad that it appears I was wrong. Hopefully, this might prove to horror/PC only devs that us console peasants aren't all adverse to more thought in our games.

And not a single one of those sales were in Australia.

Because you know, they didnt bother releasing it there.


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