Crimson Dragon Announced as Xbox One Exclusive

Crimson Dragon Announced as Xbox One Exclusive

The new dragon combat game will be directed by Panzer Dragoon-creator, Yukio Futatsugi.

While some technical difficulties robbed the initial reveal of any audio, Microsoft's E3 presentation nonetheless unveiled Crimson Dragon, a new on-rails shooter being developed and directed by Yukio Futatsugi, the creator of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust. Crimson Dragon, much like it's Dragoon forebear, will give gamers the opportunity to take to the skies as a dragon riding warrior on a thus far unexplained quest to blow stuff up.

The trailer (now available with sound!) showed off what looks to be some fun arcade-style action pitting you and your dragon mount against a variety of creatures and enemies based in a slew of unique and colorful environments. The trailer also showed off several different dragon mounts, suggesting that players will have some choices as to which beast they bring to battle. It certainly doesn't look to be an overly complicated game, with its focus firmly on the whole "fly forward and shoot anything in your path" shtick, but looks can deceiving and it will likely be a welcome boon to gamers still reeling from the abysmal Lair on the PS3.

Though no release date was unveiled for Crimson Dragon, it will be exclusive to the Xbox One, giving Microsoft's new console another lure to help draw in gamers.


Didn't we do this for the PS3, and we know how well that turned out...

At least it's not another FPS.

So an on the rails shooter is one of the exclusives that are suppose to save the Xbone?

Oh, good. A game I've never heard of debuting on a system that I'd never want in my house. Ever.

I don't care if this thing released Jet Force Gemeni 2, Banjo-Kazooie: We did it right edition, Conker 2, and a fuckload of other things I've been dying to see released, I'm not buying it.

So, bumped from 360 to the xbone. I remember being interested (because dragons) but not that much because 360+kinect. With this, it's guranteed I'll never play this. Yay?

Imagine the fun of watching TV while playing this!

Do the dragons have to be so... human like? I was hoping for some more, I dunno... 'inhuman' dragon design, I guess. Is there a dragonrider on that PC dragons back? Hmmm... I'd rather not play with a rider, either.

Maybe the narrative clears up some of my reservations, though I doubt it matters much, as I cannot afford to spend a huge chunk of cash on the One so that microsoft can watch me watch TV.

Yeah this game doesn't look that great, but that Titan Fall mecha game looks sexy.

Holy shit, that's a launch game if I've ever seen one!

By which ofcourse I mean this totally stinks.

Sound DLC costs £5 =P

But anyway, it looks alright but not particularly outstanding.

NEW GENERATIONNN!!! Now, with the amazing NEW Panzer Dragoon part 12, except let's rename it to hide that fact!

I bet the real "new thing" is Kinect, which makes it impossible to play (either properly or for long).


I don't care if this thing released Jet Force Gemeni 2, Banjo-Kazooie: We did it right edition

I would care so much it's not even funny. Not enough to buy a console like this, but I'd be crying to sleep.

And even though I like dragons, I'd never heard of this game before and it doesn't sound interesting, so the Xbox still has nothing for me.

So an on the rails shooter is one of the exclusives that are suppose to save the Xbone?

there are more "on rails" shooters around nowadays than people release...

Panzer Dragoon. Wow there's something I hadn't heard in a long while. Torn between saying I want to see new IP and knowing that I love games like that. Still I'm sure there will be enough new stuff to make up for the revamped old game. Going to be interesting to see things develop regardless. So far that makes two games I'm looking forward to that are Exclusives. Still not enough to sell me a system.

This just makes me want to pull out my Saturn and have a nostalgia ride. I suppose I spent $125 on just the discs of Saga to beat it more than once... Shame that this isn't an RPG or some other forward movement of the genre like Saga was.

The incredible thing is that someone actually thought that making Kid Icarus Uprising Sin and Punishment a random rail shooter with dragons would be fun.

I read "dragon combat" and immediately thought it would be dogfighting and free flight. I'd be disappointed if it were not a Xbone exclusive.


Panzer Dragoon was one of my favorite games of all times, but now it's spiritual successor is going to be an Xbone exclusive? Garbage. Total garbage. Microsoft is retroactively ruining my childhood.

Also, everyone complaining about it being a railshooter has obviously not ever played Panzer Dragoon, because it's the raddest shit ever.

The battle against the Assault Carrier Vermana is easily, easily in my top five moments in gaming of all time.

Within 10 second I can easily tell it was related to Panzer dragon (I watched the trailer first before reading the text). It bring back memories watching that trailer.

Do you tilt your arms to bank and yell, "RAAAWR!" to fire?

I go back to Drakengard for all my dragon destruction needs.


I almost thought they had a killer app with for example accurate kinect dragon combat. Where you would spread your hands and soar through the air or something, shouting YOL TOOR SHUL to breath flames.

Almost had me excited, then I remembered we have about 50 million of those literally free of charge.

I think its interesting that this game that most seem to be dismissing and putting down is so far the only game for the Xboner that I would like to play.

I have zero interest in any microsoft anything, and it doesn't sway me in the slightest in that regard, but as I've never had a chance to play any of the Panzer Dragoon games I'd like to play this.

I'm guessing that all these "exclusives" that M$ is whipping out will probably end up being "timed" exclusives. If the XBone fails as hard as its trying to, we will see these games on PS4 because publishers like having end users when all is said and done. Those bribes from M$ may be free money but if no one plays your games, that loot will dry up PDQ.

Even if M$ ends up owning every asset, they can always do a "Spiritual Successor" which seems to be all the rage these days with companies wanting to get around their contracts.

Wait, is this supposed to be a completely on-rails thing where you only control the target circle? Or is there some steering involved, IE Star Fox with dragons? The latter could be pretty good.


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