Season One Walking Dead Choices Will Affect 400 Days DLC

Season One Walking Dead Choices Will Affect 400 Days DLC

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400 Days will release in July with a Vita version following in August.

Telltale's The Walking Dead did an arguably good job of balancing its choice mechanic with its desire to tell a clear and focused story. There were set plot points, but it also gave you enough wiggle room to make you feel like you were shaping your own character and version of events. The choices you made from episode to episode could change the way other characters treated you and, according to Telltale, will continue having influence in the recently announced episode 400 Days.

This said, gamers who have yet to play The Walking Dead's first season won't be left in the lurch. Telltale has confirmed the new episode will be enjoyable whether or not you've already played existing content. Players won't want to take their actions lightly, however. Much like the choices across the length of season one, decisions made in 400 Days can affect the eventual season two. "Who knows, some of the characters that you meet might end up in season two," said Richard Iggo, with Telltale's marketing. 400 Days will debut in July on PSN, XBLA, iOS, PC and Mac for $5. A Vita version will follow in August.

It will be interesting to see how season one choices play out in 400 Days. Whereas the The Walking Dead's first season told a tight ongoing plot, 400 Days will focus in on five unconnected characters and their separate encounters with a truck stop. It's easy to fathom how the actions of those five characters could affect one another, but not such a simple task to figure out how your moves in season one could change the fortunes of the Walking Dead's newest inductees. The truck stop in question will at least be located close to the events of the first season, but that still leaves a lot open to speculation.

Source: Joystiq


Hmm, interesting.

I wonder what will be affected?

I'm calling it now, Lilly is gonna show up.

At first I thought this was season 2 and got all *sadface* that the story wasn't going to be a direct continuation of the adventures of Lee and Clementine, but then I watched the video and was relieved to see that 400 Days is still season one.

Don't get me wrong, more Telltale The Walking Dead is more Telltale The Walking Dead and I wouldn't have let it impede my enjoyment of it, but still, I want to know what happens to Clementine and those other two I guess...

Daystar Clarion:
Hmm, interesting.

I wonder what will be affected?

I'm calling it now, Lilly is gonna show up.

If I am not presented with the option to end her murderous life at some point I will be literally angry with rage! ANGRY WITH RAGE!

Sounds good, first ones were amazing unfortunately I played them on the xbox360 and if I was to get this, it would be on the PC, so my actions aren't going to make a difference. >_<

Anyone willing to bet that

Could be cool.

What if two people from 400 days are, wait one second.

Man I'm psyched, can't wait to compare playthroughs with my cousin haha.

Everyone! To the speculation-mobile!

I'm with Daystar, I'm pretty certain there's going to be some Lilly involved somewhere along the line.


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