"First Iranian Strategic Computer Amusement" Coming Soon

"First Iranian Strategic Computer Amusement" Coming Soon

The Multimedia Office of Tebyan, Iran, has announced the upcoming release of it's new strategy game entitled Save The Port.

According to IranMania, Save The Port (also referred to as Saving The Port or Port Rescue: Defense In The Firing Line) is set during the Second World War and takes place over seven stages. Beginning with what appears to be a tutorial, the player will then engage the enemy in seaborne combat, before undertaking a midnight raid against the enemy's gathering forces, and then finally destroying the enemy's air force in order to prevent them from taking the city of Anzali Port in northern Iran.

In spite of the inherently violent nature of war games, Save The Port is described in a Taliya News article as focusing on the intellectual aspects of strategic conflict. "The designers of the game have all the same tried to replace the excessive amount of aggression seen in strategic Western game with rational thinking as much as possible," the article says. "That is one of the advantages of the Iranian version compared to foreign types."

Scores are based on the speed with which the player completes each level of the game. At the end of each stage, a medal of bravery is awarded to the highest-scoring player; the player with the most medals at the end of the game wins.

Save The Port is the first exclusively Iranian-produced videogame. Further information may be available at the official Tebyan site. The game is scheduled for release on May 4.


That actually sounds like it could be an interesting game, if they pull it off. I'd like a chance to think in my shootin' games.

I agree, although I think my interest stems more from an anthropological perspective. Regardless of the quality of the game - and I don't think we're looking at the next Panzer General here - I'd love to be able to pick up a copy just to get a glimpse at the mindset of Iranian game developers. Is it a game loaded with propaganda, or a propaganda tool masquerading as a game? What are the priorities of Iranian game designers and programmers? And just who the hell is this "enemy," anyway? (My guess is the British, but nobody really seems to know at this point.)

Given that it's set in WWII, the enemies will be the Anglo-Soviet invading force, I'll wager.


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