No Wii Hard Drive Forthcoming

No Wii Hard Drive Forthcoming

A Nintendo official in the U.K. said there was no plan for a hard drive in the aftermath of the "Wiiware" announcement.

"No" was the succinct response given to CVG staff when they asked a Nintendo official whether the company will release a hard drive for the Wii.

The console currently sports a meager 512MB of internal flash memory, which stores the classic-themed virtual console games from the company's online store.

The recent announcement of "WiiWare," a game-creation platform enabling develoers to build new downloadable games, is also likely to help fill the flash memory to the brim.

Rumors of a Wii hard drive have been floated in advance of this year's E3.


Not to be a total doubter, but those wacky UK Nintendo officials have been way off script in the past!


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