Wii Car Races onto NASCAR

Wii Car Races onto NASCAR


Nintendo nabs Greg Biffle's ride for a Wii-sponsored makeover.

NASCAR racer Greg Biffle's #16 Ford Fusion has received a Nintendo paint job. The blue and white Wii vehicle will debut on August 12th at Watkins Glen International in New York (which can be watched at 1 p.m. EST on ESPN), and again at the Dover International Speedway in Delaware on September 23rd.

Biffle commented to 1Up, "I'm excited about this partnership with Nintendo and the Wii system. I just got one myself and I love the boxing game. I've always been a fan of boxing and with Wii, it's a workout. I really get into it. I'll be driving the Wii car at Watkins Glen and Dover. I've got a pretty good record at Dover and I'd love to get the Wii car up front in both races."

In related news, another race car driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., who recently partnered with Sony for sponsorship and advertising, has dropped his longtime partners at Budweiser.

"We have agreements in place with sponsors for the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, which prevent us from having a relationship with Budweiser. Honoring our commitments is important to us. The trade-off is missing an opportunity to bring Budweiser, a marquee brand synonymous with NASCAR and its fans, into the fold," stated team owner Rick Hendrick.


Smart move for Nintendo. With their insane brand loyalty, the NASCAR fan base is a good market to crack. I can imagine the masses driving around the oval track with their wiimote.

Mario Kart, Excite Truk, NASCAR...the Wii should theoretically make for a good racing platform, given those titles and the remote/upcoming wheel.


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