Leaked Adverts for $350 Xbox 360

Leaked Adverts for $350 Xbox 360

Rumors and speculation about a possible Xbox 360 price drop have been partially substantiated by leaked images of August fliers from two large retail stores.

Wal-mart and Toys 'R' Us adverts depict a $50 price break for the premium version of the console, as obtained by Cheap Ass Gamer.

According to the leaks, the price cut is due to take place in August.

Prior to the PS3 price cut, similar leaks were made and rejected as speculation by Sony officials. So far, Microsoft officials have taken a similar tack in regards to potential price moves with the 360.

Though individual retailers have in the past temporarily lowered the price of the console, neither depicted advertisement portrays the price cut as part of a specific limited-time promotion.

Source: Cheap Ass Gamer, Ars Technica



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