Adds Dreamcatcher Titles Adds Dreamcatcher Titles


Stardock Entertainment announced today that it has reached an agreement to carry some of Dreamcatcher Interactive's best-selling games on its service.

The deal will bring popular Dreamcatcher titles including Painkiller, Hegemonia and Aura: The Fate of Ages to the digital distribution service. Stardock Director of Publishing Brian Clair said, "We are putting a lot of resources into expanding the product lineup at, and we're really excited to begin what we hope will be a long and prosperous relationship with Dreamcatcher Interactive. We look forward to having Dreamcatcher, JoWood and the Adventure Company bring even more exciting new titles to, along with a number of their past hits."

Launched in 2003, currently carries more than 70 titles; while it has few major North American releases in its catalog, it does offer games ranging from mainstream releases such as Galactic Civilizations II and XR: Xpand Rally to smaller titles from independent developers. Unlike most digital delivery systems, does not employ any form of copy protection or DRM on software it sells.



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