White PSP Delayed, TV Cables on Time

White PSP Delayed, TV Cables on Time

A Sony official has said the TV-capable new PSP will be available on time, but only in black.

The company said the cables will be available in the U.K. on September 14, as scheduled - but conceded that the "ceramic white" model of the hand-held will be delayed.

The PSP Slim and Lite will launch in black but the white version will follow in October, a Sony spokesman has said.

While outpaced in sales by its competitor, the Nintendo DS, the PSP features a large LCD screen and UMD movie playback capability, as well as interactivity with the PS3.

The TV cables will allow the newest versions to be hooked up to a television.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz


It's also worth mentioning that the newly-redesigned version is currently available in the US in both black as a standalone purchase, and in silver as part of the Daxter bundle. The bundle includes a game, headphones, and the AV cables for $30 more, so it's actually not a bad deal.


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