Videogames Come to LA Schools via Nonprofit

Videogames Come to LA Schools via Nonprofit

Move over, dodgeball: Dance Dance Revolution is taking your place.

At least, that's the case for Los Angeles County schools starting today, where the non-profit group PlaySmart is integrating popular videogames into the entire educational curriculum.

"The social aspect that comes from playing videogames is unique to gaming. Every PlaySmart class teaches students to play together, but also play well against each other," the company's website explains.

Some of the listed benefits of the program include problem solving, logical thinking, decision making and literacy. A press release on the program's initiation says it aims at providing enhanced "instruction in physical education, literacy, group dynamics, team building and positive gamesmanship."

Among the more popular titles included are Mario Kart and Pokemon series games.

Founded over 20 years ago by two parents, the organization now boasts an environmental science museum and several hundred professional staff, and educational non-digital kits for classrooms. It has also received accolades from the national Department of Education.

Source:, Star Inc


Interested readers should check out "West Virginia's Health Revolution," by Lara Crigger.

DDR has been in our school system for YEARS, I don't see what's so ground breaking about it anymore.


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