Cheap PS3s Confirmed, Maybe

Cheap PS3s Confirmed, Maybe

Broke gamers can finally replace their PS3 substitutes with the real thing
Broke gamers can finally replace their PS3 substitutes with the real thing

Modestly-financed next-gen gamers can rejoice: Leaked Best Buy documents may confirm the imminent release of a $399 PS3 bundle.

Tech blog endgadget received internal Best Buy documents from a confidential source. Initially doubtful, the plucky bloggers did a little research of their own:

While the docs look legit and don't seem to be Photoshopped, they can still be faked easily enough. So we did a quick lookup on the UPC code and sure enough, while the details are masked, the manufacturer is listed as "Sony Computer Entertainment of America."

Although this is by no means an all-out confirmation of the $399 price, in accordance with the pervasive price-drop rumors bubbling throughout the ether, gamers are encouraged to go ahead and believe the hype. On October 12, heretofore known as PS-Day, Sony will pound the hammer of truth against the swollen metal of hearsay, and all will finally be revealed.


They're sure it's the price of the bundle, not the console only?
Last time I heard about the price being dropped, you had to buy tow games with it I think, so the final price was still damn high, coming with games you didn't really want - eventually, you could sell them back.

The PS3 is definately worth 399$ if thats the true price. I'll pick one up over a 360 if thats the case this winter.


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