Themis Group a Finalist for Winning Workplace

Themis Group a Finalist for Winning Workplace

The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces team up to annually recognize the top workplaces in the U.S. This year, Themis Group ranked as one of the top 35 finalists out of over more than 850 nominations. Themis Group runs WarCry, The Escapist and other gaming related companies.

Themis Group, Inc. in Top 35 Finalists for 2007 Top Small Winning Workplaces

Finalists chosen out of more than 850 nominations

Durham, N.C. - October 10, 2007 - Themis Group, Inc., an interactive media publishing and services company, is proud to announce their position as one of the 35 finalists in the 2007 Top Small Workplaces recognition. The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces, a nonprofit whose mission is to help the leaders of small and midsize organizations create better workplaces, collaborated to identify the best small workplaces in the U.S.

"It's both exciting and rewarding for our company to be recognized in such a forum as provided by Winning Workplaces and the Wall Street Journal," said Tom Kurz, chairman and CFO of Themis Group, Inc. "Having seen first hand the types of companies that were vying for this honor, one cannot help but feel proud of the recognition and for the efforts of everybody that helped make Themis Group such a great place to work."

The Wall Street Journal and Winning Workplaces collaborated this year to create the Top Small Winning Workplaces award exemplifying outstanding companies in North America. They ranked employers by cultivation of a better work experience through fostering teamwork, flexibility, high productivity and innovation while also treating their employees with respect and providing traditional and nontraditional benefits. Winning Workplaces is a not-for-profit providing consulting, training and information to help small and midsize organizations create great workplaces.

"The Top Small Workplaces were selected from a large and very competitive pool of applicants. All 35 of the finalists were very impressive, and each had a unique way of engaging employees. The Themis Group has created an organization that develops highly creative and high-quality products in a team-oriented environment. It is always impressive when a young organization sets out to build a strong culture from the beginning," said Mary Corbitt Clark, executive director of Winning Workplaces.


Besides acknowledging the fact that we are totally awesome, I would like to mention that we are also still looking for another Web Developer.

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Adding to the glitz and glamour of working for such a well-regarded company, every single person in the office has the honor of being able to say they work with me. As far as benefits go, that's right up there with full dental. Just don't, you know, touch me. Or talk to me.

Yeah, yeah, rub it in, why don't you.

Yes, it's true. I work with THE Russ Pitts.

That reminds me. Does anybody ever call Russ "the pits?"

Not if they want to keep their tongue in their mouth! Russ has killed men for lesser insults. I once saw him cleave a hapless editorial intern in two using nothing but his ballpoint pen simply for using the words "new games journalism" four times in 5 minutes.

And as for Julianne, she's even more fierce. She was actually a professional broadsword fighter before The Escapist.


And as for Julianne, she's even more fierce. She was actually a professional broadsword fighter before The Escapist.

This both scares and slightly arouses me.


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