Sony Cuts PS3 Price for Indians

Sony Cuts PS3 Price for Indians

Singstar Bollywood
Singstar Bollywood

To fuel the growing Indian videogame market, Sony is cutting its console prices for the PS3 and PS2 and their respective titles, as well as working to develop games with an Indian flair.

The PS3 price will drop from US$886 to $760, while games will be lowered from approximately $25 each to $12 per game.

"We thought it's important [to make the cuts] despite the fact that we still end up paying 36-37 percent of the cost on duties," said Tim Stokes, Director of Sales and Marketing for Sony in India, as quoted in India's Business Standard.

It's another push on the part of Sony to capture as many world markets as possible, in order to fight back steady advances by Microsoft and Nintendo in the next-gen field.

Market analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers have predicted immense growth for the videogame market in India, suggesting that the amount spent on games and gaming devices in the nation will increase from its current take, around $15 million, to over $140 million by the year 2010.

Also in the BS, Antindriya Bose, manager of the PlayStation brand in India, celebrated the predictions and said that if Sony's business didn't live up to them, it would be because of "bad performance."

In addition to lowering its prices, PlayStation of India is looking to develop games with an Indian emphasis. The already produced Singstar Bollywood is one example, and an Indian trivia game called Buzz in India, is forthcoming.

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budding market they wont be ready to fight off the hype of the PS3...still I love the whole region price thing, nothing like making a killing overshores...I can understand 100 more than the US price but not a cent over that and they still have raped features for it, its not like MS is better the WII comes out to 150ish above the US price, with price gouging like this its any wonder why they go the extra mile to smite gray market devices....

Talking about games with Indian flair, why has Sony never pushed Skyblazer into a long running franchise?


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