Warhammer Online Nailed By Delay, Again; Company Layoffs

Warhammer Online Nailed By Delay, Again; Company Layoffs

EA announced a second delay in Mythic Studio's upcoming MMOG, Warhammer Online.

Initially set for a fall release date, the fantasy title was pushed back to the first quarter of 2008, and has now been further delayed to fiscal year 2009, which does not begin until April 2008.

EA executives explained in a conference call that the hold up was caused by the development team's failure to meet a goal it set for itself. The team's head, Mark Jacobs, therefore requested the extension.

In potentially related news, Mythic announced it plans to shut down its development studio in Chertsey, U.K., and lay off an unspecified number of workers there.

Source: Firingsquad.com



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