Dungeon Lords Expansion and Sequel in the Works

Dungeon Lords Expansion and Sequel in the Works


JoWood Productions has announced it will be releasing both an expansion and a sequel to the massively unsuccessful 2005 fantasy RPG Dungeon Lords.

The as-yet-untitled expansion to the game is currently slated for release in the third quarter of 2008, and will not require the original Dungeon Lords to run. The stand-alone game will serve as a bridge between the first release and Dungeon Lords 2, which will feature an all-new graphics and physics engine, a new epic quest and original art. Dreamcatcher will oversee the production process in conjunction with JoWood. A scheduled release target for Dungeon Lords 2 has not been announced.

Developed by the now-defunct Heuristic Park, Dungeon Lords was the target of intense criticism as a result of the game's incomplete and buggy state at release. The game was plagued with errors and numerous onscreen controls and other options simply did not work, leading a Game Over review to call it "a new low for how incomplete a game can be and still get released," while Computer Gaming World (now Games For Windows) referred to it as a "disaster," rating it 2/10 and saying "it makes bad games look good." The final patch released for the game enhanced stability and playability, although numerous bugs remained and much of the missing functionality was not restored. If all that hasn't put you off the game completely, you can find more information at the official Dungeon Lords website.


Wow, do I remember how unremarkable a game this turned out to be. I was doing PR for a PC gaming website and Dreamcatcher really wanted to get on board with us and promote the game. We had give-aways and screenshot caption contests and everything for it. Then the game was released and wow did we eat one on that. I actually refused to review the game as I don't believe in playing broken games. An expansion and a sequel? This game made Ultima 9 look like a AAA game. Perhaps instead of a sequel than can release the first game, only complete and bug-free.

Then the game was released and wow did we eat one on that.

This is officially my favourite line of the day.

LOL wow I really need to re-read what I write, prior to hitting the post button :)


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