Best Buy Misses Rock Band Shipments

Best Buy Misses Rock Band Shipments


Best Buy has confirmed that it did not receive its expected shipments of Electronic Arts' highly anticipated music game Rock Band.

Speaking to, Best Buy representative Emily Schroeder said many of the company's stores did not receive the shipments in time for planned midnight openings or Tuesday morning sales. "Best Buy tries to ensure that all customers can get the products they want in our stores," she said. "Sometimes situations beyond our control such as shipping and freight issues can make it difficult for a customer to obtain what they are looking for."

"We have been working with the vendor and shipping companies to remedy this situation for our customers and expect to receive shipments on Tuesday November 20 and Wednesday November 21," she added.

In a conference call earlier this month, EA CEO John Riccitiello predicted a shortage of Rock Band supplies over the holidays, warning gamers to "get in line outside your favorite retailer" on launch day or risk missing out until 2008. "We won't be able to put up enough inventory to meet the demand of this fiscal or calendar year," he said.


The Best Buy I work at has HUNDREDS of copies of rock band. At least we did last night, I imagine the crazies on Friday morning will get whatever is left of them.

They aren't missing much, 90% of them apparently have to be returned for defects within the whole system anyways. What a pile of shit Harmonix created.

Really? I hadn't heard anything about this, do you have a link?

Dunno about 90%, but Rock Band seems to be having a few hardware issues according to Kotaku:

Rock Band Guitar failures:

Apparently there is a fix:


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