Microsoft Xbox 360 Hacker Hunt Continues

Microsoft Xbox 360 Hacker Hunt Continues

Microsoft's hunt for Xbox 360 hackers goes on, as the Redmond-based giant announced a new round of bans for detected modders.

360 owners who had been enjoying 360 titles using backups found their online accounts banned. The users, who sounded off on the MaxConsole forums, were informed there is no way to circumvent the ban aside from buying a new console.

Despite the continued crackdown, some mods are still apparently surviving unscathed. Among them are the DVD drive hack and firmware hack iXtreme.

A variety of mods were quite popular with the original Xbox console, allowing players to load and play titles straight from the hard drive, eliminating the need to insert - or purchase - retail discs.

Source: Ars Technica


Those darn Hackers... wait, i have an original Xbox... oh, yeah (i'm not tech savvy much)...

Only reason mine isn't hacked is cause i don't want to shell out 20-50 dollars on a Tool that does it lol. Mine already RRoD and i fixed that so meh lol.

With the current prices of 360s dropping, I'm almost tempted to mod a new Xbox which I'd use for single players and keep my older, more robust and dependable 360 for multiplayers.

Then again, it seems like a lot of effort and I'm kinda lazy, so I probably won't.

/Laziness is a pirate's worst enemy.


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