Pissed Police Pull Urinal Game

Pissed Police Pull Urinal Game


The police pull Place to Pee from the GamePower Expo in Belgium.

Engadget reports from a Dutch source that Belgian police have banned the demonstration of the urinal title Place to Pee at the GamePower Expo in Gent, Belgium. The racing game, which allows players to steer their cars with their stream and features anti-drunk driving virtues, was deemed indecent by the cops and was confiscated from the convention.

Bart Geraerts, the inventor of the boys bathroom game that follows the trend of European urine releases, told the Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper that he designed the game to both entertain at the urinal and to improve aim among men.


To hell with Belgium. Yahtzee can have it.

Indecent? Since when did the damn cops had a right to bust into an expo and take what they deemed indecent?

If there's any problem with that game, is that you can't play for more than a dozen of seconds, and you better be sure to be part of a large team. Say a guild.

If anything, the demonstration could have been achieved with a water hose, really.
Bunch of nazis.


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