ZeniMax Licenses HeroEngine for Upcoming MMOG

ZeniMax Licenses HeroEngine for Upcoming MMOG


ZeniMax Online Studios has licensed the Simutronics HeroEngine for use in its upcoming MMOG project.

First developed for use in Simutronics' own Hero's Journey MMOG and released as a development platform in 2006, the engine has since been licensed by BioWare, Colony Studios and Stray Bullet Games for using in future MMOG efforts.

"ZeniMax Online selected HeroEngine because we determined it will serve our needs best," said ZeniMax Online Studios President Matt Firor. "The fact that we can get up and running with meaningful art and content in the near term makes the HeroEngine a perfect fit for us."

ZeniMax is the parent company of renowned Elder Scrolls RPG developer Bethesda Softworks, and holds the rights to the Fallout franchise, which it purchased in April. No details have been released about the in-the-works MMOG that was announced earlier this year, but original Fallout publisher Interplay is currently licensed to develop a Fallout MMOG as part of the deal than saw the Fallout IP move from Interplay to Bethesda.

Simutronics CEO David Whatley said, "We are thrilled to have ZeniMax using HeroEngine. We have been fans of ZeniMax's Bethesda Softworks games for years, and to have ZeniMax Online Studios as our latest licensee is an honor and strong validation of our team's hard work and great design."


It's nice to see Simutronics still doing well as the text based world it got its start is has withered away somewhat. Back when they announced their Hero Engine, I thought nothing would come of it, but it seems I was mistaken.

And now this has made me miss playing Gemstone again. Ah well.

I believe this is a worthwhile necro regarding recent news of an Elder Scrolls Online. Was trying to find evidence of Zenimax Online using this engine and what do I know - the Escapist had already reported it years ago. Also from having a look at the site, some of the screenshots are very Elder-Scrolls-ish.


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