British Army Chief Says PlayStation Generation Doing the Job

British Army Chief Says PlayStation Generation Doing the Job


General Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, has commended the "PlayStation generation" for its military performance in the field.

Speaking to the Cardiff Business Club in Wales, General Dannatt described the performance of the most recent generation of soldiers as "exemplary," saying, "There is no doubt in my mind that our people, whether from the specialist Air Assault and Commando Brigades, or from the Ground Maneuver Brigades are all up to the job."

"There was a time when commentators and some more experienced members of the Army expressed concern as to whether the 'PlayStation generation' were up to dealing with the gritty, bloody conflict that is routine business in southern Afghanistan and Iraq," he continued. "Well, I'm pleased to say that they are. Our young soldiers, drawn from across British society, are more than a match for what is required of them, and I salute every one of them."

The British Army participated in the invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq and maintains forces there as part of the ongoing conflict. There are currently approximately 7,000 British soldiers deployed in Afghanistan, while 5,000 remain in Iraq.


You know, I'm not sure I'd take that as a compliment.

Why not?

Oh, joy, more fodder for the "murder simulator" crowd. Sure, it's out of context fodder, but when has that ever stopped 'em?

-- Steve


Not only would it be out of context, but it'd be just plain wrong. The General isn't saying that the "PlayStation Generation" is any more violent, aggressive, faster, or even better than previous soldiers, just that they don't suck like it was expected they would.

All he's saying is "Y'know what, even with the Playstation, these kids are still meeting our expectations"

Call it a win for our side, as it shows that Playstation doesn't make us irredeemably flabbly.

great pic arbre, but a link to the jpeg would have been fine....

As for the news article, I think it is a compliment, but there is definitely the danger here that someone is going to take the quote and run with it to further their own agenda.
Luckily that 'someone' is in court all this week =P

He's a general in the army, he's not going to say anything bad about British troops. The very use of the term "Playstation generation" means nothing in respect to video games - just refers to kids raised in 90s culture (which in Britain is particularly associated with lazy, dumb and disrespectful yobs - whether that's related to video games or not is open to debate; the above picture certainly seems relevant).

Im sorry but that picture was freakin' hilarious.


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