Microsoft Releases More Details on 360 Patch

Microsoft Releases More Details on 360 Patch

DivX and Xvid file compatibility is among the more prominent of changes Xbox 360 users will see with the installment of a December 4 patch planned by Microsoft.

The company recently announced the video codec support, officially under the umbrella of of MPEG-4 Part 2 specifications.

The same feature was recently announced for the PlayStation 3, though no firm date for that system's update was given.

Other, previously announced, changes include a new program allowing 360 owners to buy and download original Xbox games and a "Friend of Friend" Xbox Live buddy list feature.

A comprehensive list of all planned changes is also available.

On the list is a myriad of minor changes to the user interface for media use and playback and extra Windows Media Player 11 compatibility, deinterlacer support and improved video playback at certain resolutions.



Still no news on whether VOD service is making it to Canada (my area of concern) and Europe with this update... dangit, Live, c'mon, just let us know...

-- Steve


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