Jack Thompson Trial Finally Wrapping Up

Jack Thompson Trial Finally Wrapping Up


Jack Thompson's trial is expected to wrap up later today, but the controversial attorney isn't going quietly, filing a new motion to dismiss the case this morning after his previous effort was denied.

GamePolitics is reporting that Thompson's trial, in which the Florida Bar is attempting to have him disbarred, is expected to end today. However, as a result of the lengthy proceedings, doubtlessly helped along by Thompson's many motions and court filings, Judge Dava Tunis said her ruling in the matter will likely not come until spring of 2008.

Meanwhile, Thompson filed a new motion to vacate the case against him after his last attempt to do so was turned down by Federal District Court Judge Adalberto Jordan. In that motion, Thompson claimed the Florida Bar changed its rules to allow for his prosecution, and concluded by saying, "Judge Jordan, with all respect, you cannot be serious about your oath as a federal judge and allow, now, this patent and proven fraud by which The Bar secured its abstention order to stand. This court must now vacate that order. The Florida Supreme Court has proven its 'official arm,' The Bar, to be a liar. Ms. Sheila Tuma and Mr. Barry Richard knowingly raised that official arm, with a middle finger extended, to flip off this court, Thompson, and the Florida Supreme Court itself."


Must... not... laugh... so... hard... at... work...

-- Steve

I know we're video game players, so at one level or another we don't like this guy. But, honestly, his "arguments" sound like they're just a level or two beyond stuff we picked up in kindergarten! I mean, half the time when I hear him talk (or read what he's written) I'm expecting him to pull out the "big poopy-head" line.

Man, even if he gets disbarred it won't shut this jerk up. But hopefully it'll take a lot of wind out of his sails... like enough to leave him becalmed in the middle of a media ocean with no one trying to rescue him.

Jack Thompson is true though. All video games make people violent and kill. I was playing Viva Pinata yesterday and decided (cause it was on a game) taht I would grab my good ol' shovel and batter my dog to death with it. That guy is so spot on the mark.

Video games are just a big lie anyway. I went out and randomly shot five people today, came back home and the cops are still after me. According to Grand Theft Auto, entering a safehouse resets the police level.

I'm very annoyed.

So if Thompson is disbarred, then what? Although he often acts like he neither understands nor cares about the rules of his profession, what happens when he's freed from the yoke of professional ethics and can do as he please? Will his status as a disbarred lawyer (and the circumstances surrounding it) do enough damage to his "reputation" to take him out of the spotlight forever, or will we be stuck with a louder, crazier and even more irritating Thompson who no longer has to worry about what a judge or peer review might think?

... will we be stuck with a louder, crazier and even more irritating Thompson who no longer has to worry about what a judge or peer review might think?

You mean he doesn't already?

more irritating? I hought he couldn't be anymore?

what is he trying to do in the trial anyway? He fails all the time... What is he trying to freaking accomplish? That he looks like an arse in the process? Some people should really stop when it's too much, but Thompson no cares.

Anyway, What is the trial he is attempting now and what things does he do wrong?

He's trying to avoid being disbarred, basically. If he loses this trial (and he will, if there's any reason or sanity in the Florida legal system) then he will lose his license to practice law in Florida. Not sure how it affects him in other states, but given his reputation, plus the fact that the guy has been a lawyer in name only for as long as anyone can remember, I can't see him being admitted to the Bar anywhere else.

That's why this trial is being watched so closely, even though people are so sick of Thompson's antics. There's a very good chance this could be his last hurrah. Even if he does keep up his campaign against videogames after he's (oh please God) disbarred, the fact of his disbarment and the reasons for it will be on public record, making it difficult for even the most "fair and balanced" news agencies in America to make use of his as a videogame "expert." It will, hopefully, be the final blow that shatters his credibility beyond redemption.


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