Guitar Hero Coming To Mobile Phones

Guitar Hero Coming To Mobile Phones


For gamers who can't get enough spastic button-mashing in the privacy of their own homes, Hands-On Mobile will soon be releasing their version of Guitar Hero for cellphones.

Based on the smash hit Activision franchise, Guitar Hero for mobiles will launch with 15 tracks from Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, divided into four songs and an encore for each of three separate venues, with new songs being released enough month. The game will feature intuitive controls, adjustable difficuly levels, unlockable guitars and graphics taken straight from the original console version. Tracks shipping with Guitar Hero for mobiles include "Cherub Rock," "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," "Paranoid," "Woman," and "You Really Got Me."

"Guitar Hero for mobile will simply rock," said Hands-On Mobile Chief Technology Officer Michael Temkin. 'With an innovative way to get new songs and great mobile gameplay, this is a game people will play again and again."

"Where there's music, there's Guitar Hero, and having Hands-On Mobile bring this franchise onto mobile platforms will now allow our dedicated fans the opportunity to passionately feel the music, anytime, anywhere," added Dusty Welch of Activision RedOctane.

According to a report on Ars Technica, details regarding a release date and which handsets the game will support have not been given, but mobile owners on participating carriers can text ROCK to 46966 for a free Guitar Hero wallpaper and notification of the game's release. More information is available at the Hands-On Mobile Guitar Hero website.


I suck at it, but i can't wait :P
It will probably cost something near a 10'er though :\
Although, it's a pleasurable 10'er at that :)

Is this really something you'd want to do in public?

Do game mechanics like DDR and Guitar Hero actually work on a cellphone? You're smashing your fingers against something smaller than your pinky and that is located on a cellphone, something which barely has any material support to soften your blows. A keyboard has a table or your legs for you hit the keys well. The guitar is big enough for you to hold it well and keep it steady while you play. But a cellphone? Probably will sell good enough between fanbase, but I don't believe it'll work in the overall idea.


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