New Command & Conquer FPS Rumored

New Command & Conquer FPS Rumored


Rumors have surfaced of a new FPS set in the Command & Conquer universe, expected to hit the shelves in late 2008 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

VideogamesBlogger is reporting that the game, called Tiberium, will be on the cover of the January 2008 issue of Game Informer. Set 11 years after the Third Tiberium War, the game will put players in the boots of a retired GDI commander called back to service. Along with the standard single-player action, the game will also offer a two-player online mode.

The game will be a squad-based action FPS, described on the site as "Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter meets Battlefield meets Rainbow Six Vegas." Units in the game will include standard and missile infantry squads, an updated Titan and new Orcas, while special abilities will also be available to the player. No word about the role of NOD in the game was given, but players will apparently be squaring off against new types of Scrin.

The site claims a leaked demo video was quickly taken offline by EA, who declined to comment on the rumor.


Renegade wasn't a bad game, but it launched full of bugs and was promptly abandoned by the developer, which was as shame because the game held on to it's small community for a very long time afterwards. It only proves that C&C fans love this universe and there's demand for a well-made FPS in the series. Maybe this time it'll be better.

It was pretty obvious that westwood had never made a fps before. For example, there was no weapon recoil ^^

I think they also underestimated what a reasonably experienced shooter player could do. It was really too easy.

The C&C-mode was fun though. Especially if you lose your tank factory and everyone is running around with rail guns, sniping off enemy tanks ^^

I wouldn't mind playing that again (although I'd perfer it be refined a bit). Making a "tactical" shooter feels like a mistake to me. The whole point with C&C is the technology. It'd be impossible to balance out regular troopers with zone troopers etc. A battlefield:ish game would be a far better idea. Then again, maybe they think their brand will be too hard to move.

I picked up Renegade on the cheap, after EB reduced the price to 17 bucks to get it out of the store. My gamer buds (well, bud) made dire predictions about how the game was a swirling black hole of suck, but I had fun with it. It wasn't the greatest FPS ever and was very easily forgettable (in fact, I most have), but for what I paid I felt like I got a great deal.

I remember Renegade like it was yesterday, then again in fact I do own C&C-Renegade since they where stupid enough to put it in the Command & Conquer First Decade DVD Boxset - and putting an FPS game in an RTS-videogame collection box is like involunteerly inviting an unwanted constantly drunk midget to your birthdayparties that always vomits on the couch when ever he has had too much to drink which is usually between 10 and 11 PM.
Now that's not what I had in mind - what I had in mind to say was that Renegades while not being a complete disaster was a FPS-game that shouldn't have been done by Westwood Studios in the first place. The gameplay was mediocre, the enemies subpar and the graphics next to as astonishing as a cardboard box. The game suffered from some heavy bugs even though I was running with the top-of-the-line videocard when that was released.

On the upside - or shall we say downside - Westwood studios doesn't exist at all anymore so it is probably going to be EA that makes this game, which might end up doing something good or just something dumb and mediocre which EA did when they first released a C&C Title. (Generals)

Westwood was one of my favourite developers, back in the day.

What really knocked Renegade is something we've seen before in various sequels and add-ons: A decent, if unremarkable game that's brought down by the weight of the expectations surrounding it. Renegade was pretty heavily hyped before its release, and an FPS set in the famed C&C universe promised to be too damn cool for words; so when it turned out to be just another average shooter, people came down harder on it than they likely would've otherwise. A hot pedigree can attract a lot of attention to a new product, but it can also very easily become an albatross.


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