Bruckheimer Joins With MTV to Create New Game Studio

Bruckheimer Joins With MTV to Create New Game Studio

Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer is teaming up with MTV's game division to create a new studio that will establish new properties in entertainment.

"A team of experienced videogame experts, artists and storytellers" will comprise the staff, an official statement said.

MTV's Executive Vice President, Jeff Yapp, said the move was designed to challenge giants like Activision.

"I already think we are," he said. "How's that for arrogance?"

The acquisition comes as part of MTV's $500 million decision to invest in the gaming industry.

Bruckheimer has prior experience in the field translating films into games, and vice versa, including his latest project, Prince of Persia

"Jerry Bruckheimer and his innate talent for developing wildly successful entertainment properties that range from action, reality, drama, sports, and comedy are the perfect complement to our vision for MTV Games and the experience our audiences truly crave," an MTV official said.

While working with MTV, Bruckheimer will still be free to work with other companies.




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