Teenagers Kill Child in "Mortal Kombat" Murder

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I don't care if you don't mind offending people. I don't care if people are stupid enough to be offended by an opinion. I'm simply asking that you aren't surprised when people are hostile towards you if you act like a self-righteous ass. Which, funnily enough, just happened.



I already told you! You can't be! Golden elephants can't interface with the internets... Your subconscious is screaming that you wish you were a gold elephant, though. Absolutely screaming. I can hear it. It sings to me in forgotten tongues. But only I can hear them... which is probably why you didn't realize what it was you were really saying.

Now you're just being an ass who won't shut up. I apologized to you (though not formerly) now would you kindly drop it.)

Now, your "apology" was somewhat tainted by you deciding, in the same post, that the reason that the misunderstanding happened in the first place was due to you being able to read what his subconscious was saying, and that he couldn't. And who knows? Maybe you can. Maybe you're actually a master psychologist/psychic mind reader, and you do know what he means better than he does. But you can hardly blame us for going for a rather more likely proposition: that you're just unashamedly arrogant, and refuse to believe that it might be your fault. He didn't accept your apology because it was insincere. And yet, for all your worldly knowledge, and understanding of how petty people can be, you seem to be surprised by this.

And in regards to your point about people being offended by others stating their own opinion, your initial outburst was hardly worded as "opinion".

Okay, whoa, Geoffry, you don't believe in free will?
SO THAT MEANS: You believe this was SUPPSOED to happen, some godlike figure, called Destiny, (boy she's hot) decided two dumbass bastards will get drunk, play MK, kill an innocent child, and blame a video game. IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!? Cause that's definitely what you typed! (figuratively of course.)
On the other hand we could look at it the other way.
No free will, we are only doing what we are commanded to by some outside force, destiny and fate don't exhist, so all that's left is alchohol, and MK, since there's no need for them to be mentally disturbed of course.
So, if the latter is true by your psot, then you DO belive mortal Kombat caused this, alchohol was just an accesory.
You have practically just stated that the girl died for NO REASON other than that SHE WAS MEANT TO, or DESERVED TO.
I had trouble seeing the point of your posts before, but apparently if free will doesn't exhist, than you believe than yes, the video game did it.

How times here do you state that the way you interpreted his post was the only way? I'd highlight them, but you've pretty much put everything I need in capitals yourself. Of course, the matter of whether or not you really meant it like that is not for me to decide, but, to use your own words:

You may not have meant that, but that's DEFINITELY what you have said.

Now you're just being an ass who won't shut up. I apologized to you (though not formerly) now would you kindly drop it.)

While I wasn't really looking for an apology, nor did I note at the time of your response that there was one, it would be foolish and uncivil of me not to accept. So, thank you. While I wasn't able to read it from your post, you apparently meant it, and I'm willing to take your word for it.

As for my asshattery... I found the tack in both of your prior posts (original and apology) annoying, because in both, in different ways, you implied that you knew better what I was saying than I did. I'm happy to accept that I may not have been very clear, or that I may have miscommunicated in some other way (the ideal response being that someone points out the inconsistencies in what I said, or the places where I lost them, so that I can try and rephrase)... it happens, but I get particularly frustrated when other people imply they know what I meant, and that it wasn't what I think I meant. (If I'm being a Vizzini, and continuing to use a word that doesn't mean what I think it means, I would prefer that you direct me to a dictionary, and not assume some deeper meaning about my poor choice of words.) Rather than point this out in a rather boring, dry, and eruditic paragraph, I chose to mock you with satire, and hope you got my point.

And, when you said "Because I am.", I thought it indicative of you at least playing along with the premise of my satire, so I remained in character and played it out, while adding some fresh mockery of newly annoying things from your apologetic post. The fact remains that golden elephants are simply incapable of interfacing with the internets, so your very presence on these boards spoke otherwise of your status. Which is why I remained so very puzzled as to why you insisted it was so. See? Given the original premise, everything I said made perfect logical sense.

I was playing along with your satire, admittedly doing so however sparked a different response than what I had initially itnended it to do so. (IE: you continuing along with it. I have friends who tell the same bad joke 45 times a day, so by the second time I usually get annoyed.)

And yes, you're both right, I'm an admitted arrogant prick who reads too far between the lines and is insanely judgemental. But than again what does that make me above all other things? Human.
I realise I may have taken it a bit too far, but that's what happens sometimes.


I like how you seem to be saying, by implication, that this was due to a game after all. Even after the majority of people on this site would think that games or other violent media has little to no impact on whether or not people will break the law, you still state your opinion. Bravo.

I find I state minority opinions a lot. I guess because when I share an opinion with most of the people at a given forum, by the time I get to the thread, most of what I have to say has already been done to death.

But, back on topic;

I don't think anyone can totally rule out exposure to certain media's effect on some people, especially young people. Case in point, I just gave my old copy of Ace Combat 04 to my 6 year old nephew last week, and since then the only thing I've heard him say was "Mobius One, Fox Two", or "Incoming from Stonehenge, lower your altitude". If I gave him gears of war instead, I'm sure I'd probably be seeing him chainsawing imaginary Locust, and other slightly disturbing things 6 year olds should not be fantasizing about.

Even so, you cant blame the media for putting a product out. Parents have to actually raise their kids, rather than letting Cartoon Network, the Xbox, and their teachers do it for them. People who cant raise a kid shouldn't be allowed to have one.


If I gave him gears of war instead, I'm sure I'd probably be seeing him chainsawing imaginary Locust, and other slightly disturbing things 6 year olds should not be fantasizing about..

Or atleats a disgruntled 'Awe come on!" when he messes something up :D

Life sucks, then you die of Mortal Kombat. *Sighs*

Life sucks, then you die of Mortal Kombat. *Sighs*

Good way to go. If a ninja came and tore out my heart and froze me before shattering me into pieces, I wouldn't argue.

News just in: 11 year old kills mother with underdone chicken. Is Jamie Oliver to blame? More at 11.

This is a f***ing laugh and a half. I hate it when the media spits this retarded garbage. There is absolutley no connection, unless you are talking about crazy insane people.

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