Phantom Entertainment Lapboard Released

Phantom Entertainment Lapboard Released


The nearly-vaporware Phantom Lapboard has hit the online marketplace.

Phantom Entertainment, the one-time console contender and now peripheral producer, has released its first device, the long-delayed Phantom Lapboard. For $129.95, users can enjoy wireless gaming and computing with a convenient tilting lapboard on Windows XP, 2000, Media Center or Apple OS X operating system.

The Phantom Lapboard customer page reads:

The Phantom Lapboard is a combination wireless keyboard, laser mouse and hard surface that makes it easy for you to work or play games from your couch, easy chair or any comfortable setting in your home or workplace. The Lapboard includes wireless technology, ergonomic design, one-touch features, and a wireless laser mouse. Its innovative design features a keyboard that rotates 360-degrees to accommodate left or right-handed users and inclines on a 22-degree angle with a hard surface below for the Phantom Laser Mouse. The Lapboard's interchangeable key-face technology is designed for game-specific and business software applications for PC or Apple Mac platforms.


Sounds cool! Not sure I want to try to be more lazy for $130 bucks though. On the other hand, it would be useful when hooking up EQ2 to my 42 1080p :)

Pics of someone actually holding it or it's still vapourware

Apparently the site to order it from is basically just a hollow shell with no functionality:

The site's been up, but dead, for a while, and no one's manning the phones... certainly sounds like it's still vapourware.

lol, i knew it!

Also, the article is tagged as vaporwear.

Wow, in the same week we've had the re-emergence of the two most appropriate names in gaming:
Duke Nukem Forever and Phantom....
I'll believe both stories when i see real physical products with my own eyes.


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