EA Bungles Rock Band Launch in Canada

EA Bungles Rock Band Launch in Canada


The Canadian release of the hit game Rock Band is not going smoothly, leading to confusion and frustration among retailers and consumers alike.

The game was slated to ship December 20, but a CBC report says several EB Games stores have not yet received shipments, and were uncertain about how many copies were being shipped and when they would arrive. An EB outlet in Toronto had been expecting 50 copies of the game, but was informed earlier this week that its allotment had been cut to less than 20. Meanwhile, major electronics retailers Future Shop and Best Buy have been telling customers the game will not arrive until December 28.

A spokesman for Rock Band publisher Electronic Arts claimed the complexity of the game's peripherals were a major part of the delays. "Demand has been incredibly strong in the U.S. and Canada and we're shipping Rock Band to retailers as quickly as we can make them, but we suggest lining up early if you want to get one in time for the holidays," he said. He said he didn't know how many Rock Band units had been shipped to Canada.

Customers who did line up early Thursday were disappointed to find that the game was still not available, and at least one EB Games store reported that its anticipated shipment of the game would not even come close to meeting pre-orders, much less walk-in traffic. "There are going to be a lot of upset customers this Christmas," a Toronto EB employee said.


Yeah, this is exactly the kind of Christmas surprise I want, finding out that the game I want most (well, a lot) is having trouble getting onto store shelves, and add to that all the hardware malfunctions I've been hearing about from people who do have the game, and I think I'll wait till next year, when it works properly and is in abundant supply.

Way to make Canada look bad EA. Thanks alot.

Ho ho, those silly Canadians and shipping mishaps, when will their hijinks end?

You know, I seem to remember having tried to reserve Halo 3 before it came out, was told not enough copies were coming in. SO I couldn't do it. So I walked in on Sept. 25, the release day, and they were overstocked, for people had canceed their orders or had moved the reserves to a different game.

All I know, is when bad things happen to the gaming industry, people usually end up happy anyway.

I couldn't care less about Rock Band, but I remember similar shenanigans a few years ago when the Arx Fatalis release in Canada went pretty much the same way. (In fact, I had a bit of a bitch about it on Warcry.) The rest of the world was happily fulfilling the destiny of Am Shegar, while those of us in the Great White North were making daily phone calls to EB to find out if anyone knew where our game was. So my sympathy and commiseration with the Rock Banders out there. I feel your pain.

Dude, Arx Fatalis is one of the best games of all time! *high five*

My advice to my fellow Canucks: just buy GH2 or 3, practice your licks, then use the bundled guitar as a third axe for when you buy Rock Band when its actually in stock next year. That's my plan at least.

Seriously sucks we have to pay 200 bucks for it.

Hey, anytime I hear about Electronics Boutique or GameStop losing money I get this little smile on my face. Heed not their wicked lies and deceitful practices, pre-order nothing from these gamer-hating leeches.

Rock Band is worth the wait, and there will be plenty for those who want to play. Go play hockey or enjoy your free healthcare in the meantime. Or do it the American way and bitch on forums until supply improves.


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