Sony to Bring PSP Gadgetry to U.S. Market, Finally

Sony to Bring PSP Gadgetry to U.S. Market, Finally

Sony is finally bringing some old PlayStation Portable add-on features to the U.S. market, as revealed during this year's CES.

The PSP GPS receiver started selling in Japan over a year ago and the camera add-on showed up in Europe in 2006 but neither device was announced for the American market until now.

Sony representatives said at the Consumer Electronics Show that both gadgets will be available in the U.S. sometime this year but gave no specific information.

In a related announcement, the company said a first-party keyboard is being developed and will be released sometime in mid-2009, following rumors and patents. It was not explained why it would take more than one and a half years to produce a keyboard peripheral.

The PSP sports an attractive and large screen compared to its competitor, the Nintendo DS, but has been rapidly outpaced in sales.

Source: Ars Technica



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