Rainforest Foundation Unveils New Game

Rainforest Foundation Unveils New Game


The Rainforest Foundation U.K. has unveiled a new online game aimed at highlighting the threat to the planet's remaining rainforests.

In Congo Jones and the Loggers of Doom, players will help local villagers properly map their lands so they can claim them and protect them from industrial loggers. Players will jump across logs and alligators, dodge flying chainsaws, climb to the top of an ancient waterfall and more as they attempt to thwart the greedy, short-sighted corporate interests.

"The game presents a very serious issue in an interactive way so that players want to take action to stop the carve-up of the Congo rainforest," said Helen Brownstone, head of fund raising and communications at the Rainforest Foundation.

Established in 1989 by Police frontman Sting, the Rainforest Foundation is a U.K.-based charity dedication to the preservation of worldwide rainforests and the rights of their indigenous peoples. More information is available at www.rainforestfoundationuk.org.


Five bucks says this game sucks.

Sounds like frogger, but in 3-D...

...And trying to whittle in an annoying save the earth point.

*sigh* This isn't the first game like this and it looks like it wont be the last.

I decided to sit down and play this game and its not a bad way to waste 10 minutes. Its just standard 2d platform stuff over 4 levels with a storyline to try and get you interested in rainforest conservation. I don't see the problem with a free online game making a point about a good cause, its a good way to get people thinking about serious issues while helping them procrastinate from the 4500 word essay they have to do... or something.


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