Riccitiello Won't Dodge "Short-Term Pain" At EA

Riccitiello Won't Dodge "Short-Term Pain" At EA


Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has expressed dissatisfaction with EA's performance, despite the company's status as the top first-party publisher in 2007.

The statement came following the announcement of the company's third quarter results, when Riccitiello said that increased competition in the industry has resulted in a loss of market share for the publisher. According to a report posted on GamesIndustry, he said EA was prepared to delay the release of forthcoming titles in order to improve their quality.

"We did not have any internally developed breakaway titles and no one of EA's internally developed titles reached a Metacritic rating of 90 or greater," he said. "This hit us particularly hard in North America where EA faced toughed competition on a number of fronts. In North America, excluding EA Partners, our business was essentially flat in a very robust market."

While some EA releases, including Skate, FIFA 08, Madden NFL 08 and Rock Band have performed well, the company's performance compared to publishers like Activision and Ubisoft. In-development titles Battlefield: Bad Company and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames have already been pushed back into fiscal 2009, which begins in April.

"When I came back to EA I made a commitment to investing in quality, both because I think it's the right decision for the long-term financial health of the company and because it is what our consumers have a right to expect," Riccitiello added. "This is an important principle, even if it results in short-term pain. We have made the decision to move Battlefield: Bad Company and Mercenaries 2 into fiscal 2009. Both titles are looking great and we believe with additional polish we will build a better consumer experience and thereby maximize our economics."


First they're protecting the developers and community, now EA are willing to admit how shabby they're getting?

Uh oh...

Finally, EA is doing something right. Good Job.

Thinking in terms of profit when creating art is simply wrong, unless you're starving.

They're a business. What else are they going to think in?

The Prodigal son returns!

I completely agree with this statement from both a financial and a gaming perspective. For a large company nothing is worth more then their brand name (Blizzard and Valve need to fend of gaming press with sharp sticks) and EA's has definately become assocatiated with rushed, poor games and great studioes being ruined. If they can reverse that image it will give them a much larger longtime payoff then their current strategy.

From a gaming perspective all companies who vow to make better games even if it means longer development time make my heart leap with joy.

EA may yet be a great creater of art!

I'm surprised skate hasn't seen a metacritic of voer 90: it was a well recieved game from what I've seen. Maybe that review by Mr. T. Hawk dragged its average down.


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