Spore Release Date Official, For Real This Time

Spore Release Date Official, For Real This Time


After years of speculation, EA has announced an official release date for Spore.

In an email to fans who had signed up for the Spore newsletter, Will Wright himself links fans to the official release date announcement video.

The official release date according to the video is September 7th, 2008, almost two years after the initial time period given by EA and Maxis back when Spore was announced.


No shit...

That's what they said last time...and the time before...and that other time...and...oh just fuck it!

It's about time they released this game!

Or are they gonna Duke Nuke us again?

^^ Yeah I can't wait until they start announcing Half-life 2: Episode 3. However long the wait, it'd better be climactic and long ... no more of this six-hour s**t.

Luckily I hadn't heard of Spore until now. It looks very interesting. Anyone sitting on PC system specs?


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