It's 'Affirmative': Red Alert 3 Under Way

It's 'Affirmative': Red Alert 3 Under Way


Electronic Arts has announced that Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is in the works.

Through the franchise's website, which regularly hosts faux-news announcements in a format that combines elements of CNN and ESPN, game Product Manager David Silverman and Executive Producer Chris Corry said the third iteration was on its way.

Though details were sparse, Corry said the game will feature not only the Allies and Soviets, but a third faction "unlike anything you've ever seen before."

He also said the game's campaign will be built from the ground up to accommodate cooperative play, with custom computer-controlled generals for those who want to play alone.

The last entry in the franchise was produced in 2000.



EA better not fuck this game up.

they cant fuck it up. Its red alert.

I seriously spent like, a whole summer playing this game on lan.

If the third faction is scrin or any kind of aliens, i will not buy the games for sure

Red Alert, what a fucking sweet game. Oh Ive been waiting for my sweet to return in next gen glory.

It calls to us, my Red Alert, my precious...

I was about to crank up "Hell March" to maximum volume, but then I read the official site. It seems the "Empire of the Rising Sun2 is the new faction. 3 Factions, one US oriented, one asian.. hmm, smells like Generals to me..

EDIT: "The first step towards participating in the Beta program is ordering Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath. Not only will you get to play the latest installment of the Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Saga,, but within every purchase of Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath that contains the Red Alert 3 Beta Key Sticker is a key that guarantees you access to the Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Beta program if you register before September 15, 2008."

Essentially you are paying for the Beta. Same EA, different fucking day.

The PCgamer article about it(the first) also mentions that they are already working on an xpack

UHHHMMM WHAT? They announce the expansion in the same block of text as the original game? Also, note that the japs appear to be blue. Don't tell me they are going to rape the Allied color scheme like they did to GDI in TW.

The Co-op only campaign smells like a pile of shit as well. Either play online with a complete idiot or play alone with a enormously sub-par AI that EA is famous for by now? This might be the first RTS game where i won't finish the SP part of it because it doesn't exist.

And according to pcgamer, the allies loose both chrono and prism tech and the new units don't seem too promising either.;37316x#1479615
Everything is amphibious - The Sea just lost any strategic importance it once had and is replaced by land with a different texture.
Tesla Sub - Betting 10 bucks that there will be a tesla aircraft and a tesla surface ship in the expansion. What the hell happened to even remotely original unit design?
Japanese ubertank - An amphibious tank with a big gun? I have the feeling originality left EA along with the SC2 guy.
Russian sub that trains divers - This game will just be another spamfest like TW. The only thing that made C&C stand out from other rts games is that you have to decide on wether you would make a flamethrower or a rocket trooper at any given time instead of building 10 barracks and making 5 of each.
Gameplay will be slower - Yea because you haven't ripped off supcom enough.
Top notch atmosphere - Metric tons of distortion and ambient lighting à la TW != atmosphere

Every word i read about it makes me less inclined to ever get it. This sounds like one of the few games that isn't worth the space on a HD it takes by pirating it and EA is planning to sell it for $120(half of that is for patch 1.0.1 errr, the expansion) along with (most likely) a paid subscribtion for the "SP" campaign.

A third Faction..
A Third Faction..
A ThIRD FACtSHUN??????!!!!
thtas it, westwood is not just spinning in its grave, its going freestyle , crazed dance routines into the night as Original RA veterans watch help lessley as the red alert franchise has been unceremonoulsy SNUFFED.
SNUFFED, as in baseball bat + High Velocity + Moving Car + Kerosene (just For fun ) + Chuck Norris.
The whole concept or redalert 2 was The invasion of the free peaceful people by the war machine of the east.very very fun.
to Ea-- Dont Mess With the bloody storyline, arite?!

im telling you all, this is going ot be a debasement of everything sacred

EA cocks everything up and the C&C installments to date are a great example with the possible exception of Generals. Very poorly coded but pretty fun.

Hey, Dont knock it till you've tried it.

Red alert 2 was ace
Red alert 3 could be awesome

EA overcharge, and they are all about extorting money, sure. But it could still be an ace game. Command and conquer 3 was pretty good.

Dark Wingstalker:
Hey, Dont knock it till you've tried it.

Red alert 2 was ace
Red alert 3 could be awesome

EA overcharge, and they are all about extorting money, sure. But it could still be an ace game. Command and conquer 3 was pretty good.

Agreed. It's only just been announced, seems too early to decide its going to be shit. Red Alert 2 is probably my favourite in the series, its so well balanced. It would take an extreme cock up to make a bad Red Alert game.

Well, guess it's time to choose. Star Craft 2 or Red Alert 3. It's hard to say which series carved out a larger part of my spare time. Decisions, decisions...

A few words is enough to describe how I feel...
That should cover it.

There is the possibility it cud be good, lolz, EA know how to make a good game once in a while. But the introduction of a third faction just seems to have spoilt it already.
The Game Might Play good, but i bet it will feel hollow and dead from inside.It will also try too hard to impress you. And the Music is also a major concern. Theyve totally Destroyed the soul of RA, whose storyline, was just absurd enough to be hilarious. The game rode on this feeling of pure unadulterated funniness (tanya walking in on the premier in his underwear!?). Ea have made it look too serious and war-tornish..
im gonna go Play Yuri's Revenge Now.

Unless things have changed, the mysterious third faction is the Empire of the Rising Sun. You can probably figure out who that is on your own.

Yay. The greatest battle in history. The Invincible Soviet Union versus the Unstoppable United States gets jacked by the Isolated Japanese. That will be a five minute mission.
Step one: Build Nuclear Missile.
Step two: launch it
Step three: Laugh as History repeats itself


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