Another Gamespot Staffer Exits Stage Left

Another Gamespot Staffer Exits Stage Left

Longtime Gamespot staffer Jason Ocampo has exited the company in light of a new job opportunity.

Ocampo, who headed up the PC gaming division, was announced to be leaving during the website's official weekly podcast.

In an effort likely aimed at discouraging links between his own resignation and the firing of game editor and reviewer Jeff Gerstmann, Ocampo said he had not considered leaving until just recently.

However, his departure follows that of other high-profile names within the organization, including Ryan Davis, Alex Navarro and Frank Provo.

Source: Ars Technica,

Permalink this like when all the rats flee a sinking ship, when a sketch comedy show gets a new cast or when they came up with "Saved By the Bell: the New Class"? I suppose only time will tell.

and that leaves only Brad Shoemacker (sp?)....

I just want to know when they will start hiring freelance scabs. That's right Gamespot, my soul is on sale for 50 cents a word.

If i hadnt recently locked myself out of my origional lvl18 (I love the leveling thing they have) account id had for over 2years id be more concerned about Gamespots aparnat slow exodus. But since I no longer have acess to said account I dont really care either way nemore. Will still use the site though. Even if the old guard are slowly leaving its still good for infomation.

I wish they made a bigger statement in leaving in a mass exodus, and starting a brand new website, or better yet, teaming up with Revision3 to do a proper gaming oriented show.

I see this as them leaving with their tails between their legs.

I'd love to find out really why these people are leaving. There are so many possible reasons! I'm not really a fan of drama, but being a business guy, I would love to hear the dirt!


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