Gary Gygax Dies

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Well, I cannot think of a man who embodies the spirit of games, at least Role Playing games more than Gary Gygax, one of the creative minds behind Dungeons and Dragons and countless other RPG staples like GURPS. I am just trying to imagine how different RPGs would have been if not for a man like Gary. A sad day indeed.

Gary Gygax Dies


Gary Gygax, famous as the co-creator of the legendary fantasy RPG Dungeons & Dragons, has died.

His passing was first reported on the Troll Lord Games forums. Details of the cause of death were not released, but CNN noted that he had been struggling with ill health for several years, including an abdominal aneurysm, and had suffered strokes in 2004.

Gygax was involved with gaming for most of his life, forming the International Federation of Wargamers in 1966 and then in 1967 holding a small get-together of tabletop gamers in his basement that would eventually become known as the first Gen Con. But he would become best known for founding a company called Tactical Studies Rules, better known as TSR, and publishing the original Dungeons & Dragons in 1974. D&D would go on to become the prototypical tabletop role-playing game, spawning countless imitators across numerous genres and becoming a cultural touchstone for an entire generation. Gygax left TSR in 1985, going on to create to create new tabletop gaming systems Dangerous Journeys in 1992, and Lejendary Adventure in 1999.

Gygax is survived by his wife, Gail, and six children. He was 69.


Dungeons and Christwagons. (Thanks RAB)
An Epic game where the only way to gain eexperience is to confess your sins to the Inquisition. No dragons, as Satan took the form of a dragon in his battle against Michael, so rememebr all you little sinners, Dragons are all Satan. And this game even contains a PHB, DMG, and MM all in one book. It's called the Bible ye heathens.

God could you imagine? Gary Gigax must have been a genious to avert that monstrousity.
And why does it say RIP? Did he die!?

A true pioneer of gaming, who knows what the world of gaming would be like today if not for him. Probably less L.A.R.P's going on but still.

Rest in peace dude.

Sorry, yes Gary was announced dead today at 69. He had been in failing health for some time, numerous strokes, etc.

Good age to go, bad that he went. (Heh, derp, i dun made pen1s joke.) Atleast, well, atleast he'll never have to see any more mindless destruction that Wizards implements on his game.

Thats a real pity. Rest in Peace.

Roll one out for your homie.

(I got an 11.)

So much for his saving throw.


That's a bummer! *gets out dice* Rolled a 17.

I wonder what will happen at the Con this year for him?

Definitely sad news.


Whoa, dice joke overload. Easy now.

He shalt be missed.

I rolled a 1.

Whoa, dice joke overload. Easy now.

No joke, man. What better way to observe his passing than by taking part in something he helped create?

Whoa, dice joke overload. Easy now.

This is a wake, my friend. What's your dice joke going to be?

Peace be upon him.

Mountain Dew and Cheetos for supper tonight.


I'd like to ask him if there are any girls there.


No joke, man. What better way to observe his passing than by taking part in something he helped create?

Fair enough. D20's did blow my mind when I first saw them.


I'm suddenly feeling the great injustice of our society that the passing of Anna Nicole Smith will get far more press and publicity than the passing of Gary Gygax, who helped pioneer wargaming, role-playing gaming, gaming conventions, and gamer culture, and taught us what glaive, polyhedral, chaotic, myrmidon, and initiative meant. Is there any doubt that the work fo TSR in the '70s paved the way for the blossoming of video games in the '80s and '90s?

I demand an E! True Hollywood Story.


Poor Gary. Having his surname mispelled by n00bs, even after death.

Too early for 'saving throw' jokes?

It is sad that I only recently knew that he held gaming sessions at his house.

R.I.P dude


A sad, sad loss.


That sucks.

I don't think so. I think he would have enjoyed them a little.

I'm actually attending a D&D tomarrow, I think I shall remember to give him a moment of silence.

Unfortunately Gary Gygax was not blonde, female, or a train wreck. These, of course, being the elements that comprise the formula for a killer media send-off. That said, we can all take comfort in the fact that his deep influence on pop culture will undoubtedly outlast the flavor of the week that was Anna Nicole Smith.

The Wizard I am making for a session this weekend will be named Gygax in his honor. RIP Mr. Gygax and thank you for the hours of fun and creative entertainment you helped to bring us.


Is there any doubt that the work of TSR in the '70s paved the way for the blossoming of video games in the '80s and '90s?

None at all. D&D provided inspiration for Adventure, eventually leading to both the Rogue-likes (down to modern versions like Diablo) and the near-defunct old-school Adventure genre. D&D spawned the Gold Box games, the Ultimas, and western RPGs in general. D&D was the grandfather of JRPGs, being console-targeted versions of the early western RPGs. And D&D was a primary inspiration for MUDs, leading straight to MMORPGs, as an attempt to capture the multiplayer experience of D&D sessions.

In many ways, Gygax is to computer games what Tolkien is to the fantasy genre.


Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson were to gaming what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were to comics.

Thanks, Gary. I'll always be grateful for what you've helped to create.


there is a news article on the front page where this can be discussed.

Forget mass media, I just hope that the gaming community notes his passing. It would be truly sad if that didn't happen.

(9. Really hoping for a twenty :( )

General Ma Chao:
I'm naming the Wizard I just created for a weekend session Gygax in his honor.

Now I'll do it too. Thanks for the idea.
Edit: Someone please edit the title to get his name right. I mean come on.

5 (but I only had a d6). He filled the chasm between the Ataru 2600 and the PC, and was the cause of several friendships of mine.

There is a bigger post of this on the news thread if you haven't seen it yet.

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