Chronicles of Spellborn Delayed Again

Chronicles of Spellborn Delayed Again


Frogster Interactive has announced another delay and another new release target for the upcoming MMOG Chronicles of Spellborn.

The publisher said final beta testing, which have been running for almost two weeks now, is going well and will shortly be expanded to larger groups, while server stress tests were successfully completed in the fall of last year. Based on this, the company now says the game will launch in the second quarter of 2008. Announcements of specific release dates for individual territories, as well as the start of an open beta testing period, will be forthcoming.

Chronicles of Spellborn was originally targeted for release in the second half of 2006, but has been pushed back numerous times. Prior to this, Frogster said it was "confident that Q1 is the final release date," adding that the timing would allow the game to avoid the releases of Age of Conan and Warhammer Online. Reasons for the delay were not given, although sales and marketing considerations would be a factor in determining exact launch dates.

More information about the delay and the announced open beta program is available at


Hmmmmmmmm. Is this game going to be any good? it seems to avoid the 1-click-combat pitfall of mumorpugers, but can it challenge WoW? how much will it cost to play? is it worth investing money in? What are the system requirements? At least wow can be played on any system, even...Macs.

I'm not an MMO player, Im a fan of single-player RPGs. but this looks mildly intriuging.

They might as well call it the Chronicles of Stillborn now.

Looks like they entered an at least minor version of development hell.


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