Mad Catz, NASCAR Team on Gaming Wheels

Mad Catz, NASCAR Team on Gaming Wheels


Mad Catz is bringing the thrill of NASCAR to its videogame accessories.

The gaming accessories maker said it has partnered with NASCAR to produce customized NASCAR steering wheels and other gaming accessories for all video game platforms. It is a multi-year agreement covering the United States and Canada.

Mad Catz said it plans to "develop new, stylish NASCAR-branded videogame steering wheels, controllers, faceplates and Console Skinz for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Nintendo DS Lite and Wii gaming consoles."

"We are excited about the addition of the NASCAR license to Mad Catz's extensive portfolio of sports-licensed accessories, which now includes almost every major North American professional sport," said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz, in a statement.


Mad Catz controllers tend to be pretty solidly designed. They're a little on the 'cheapish' side (though, as third party controllers, this is acceptable), but they do what they're supposed to do.

I remember their steering controllers to be particularily well designed; able to take a pretty good amount of punishment. I've never used one of their wheels myself (I'm not really into racing games) but when I was working in a game shop, Mad Catz wheels were considered to be 'the one to have' for Gran Turismo and other racing games.


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