Sushi Rolling Now a Mobile Phone Game

Sushi Rolling Now a Mobile Phone Game


Hands-On-Mobile is releasing a mobile game that let's you roll sushi on your cell phone.

Sushi Mania, which heralds from Korea, is being rolled out across the U.S. and Europe. The game is described as an adventure title in which players explore 20 different gaming worlds to roll sushi.

Gamers choose from 12 uniquely different sushi characters. The character is then rolled around the levels, seeking missing ingredients and the missing sushi chef. A three button control system comes into play as well.

"Sushi Mania is a perfect example of why we established the 'Best of Korea' program. This combination of bite-sized, fun game play and cute characters will appeal to a wide audience; it is a great mobile game and is receiving rave reviews," said Michael Temkin, CTO and EVP of Operations, Hands-On Mobile. "We are looking forward to bringing more hit games from Korea to Europe and the US."


...I really don't think anything could possibly ever be said about this, ever.


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