Law & Order Gets Mobile Makeover

Law & Order Gets Mobile Makeover


NBC wants you to explore the world of Law & Order from the comfort of your own cell phone.

The entertainment company has teamed with wireless content publisher LimeLife to introduce Law & Order: Celebrity Betrayal. It should be available through a variety of carriers - AT&T, for example, offers downloads by first texting LAW to 5543.

In this mobile crime-drama game, players build a case through investigations of a crime scene, and witness interrogation. Advice is provided about the potential strength of a case by Law & Order cast members like Sam Waterston and Alana De La Garza.

Law & Order: Celebrity Betrayal also has four mini-games which can impact the strength of a player's case.


What else is totally awesome about this game I can buy by texting LAW to 5543?

I've long thought that the best format for a L&O game would be as an ARG.


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