Samurai Game To Go Gold Next Week

Samurai Game To Go Gold Next Week

Samurai Warriors 2 Xtreme Legends has gone gold and will be distributed in North America next week.

The Xbox 360 and PS2 game, developed by KOEI, boasts six samurai with unique storylines and new weapons. Also included is a new Mercenary game mode, different attacks and redesigned battlefields.

The new title can be added to Samurai Warriors 2, with the characters interchangeable. New weapon and character growth levels have been added.

On the Xbox 360 the software requires Samurai Warriors 2 and can be bought only via the Xbox Live Marketplace for 2,400 MS points.

The PS2 version does not require its predecessor to play.


When this sort of thing came out for Dynasty Warriors (3); it was a pretty good idea. Basically, it was an expansion for an already fairly decent game. But doing the same thing years on with the hugely less popular Samaurai Warriors? Only a complete Koei nut would fall for this; especially with Dynasty Warriors 6 knocking about as a better option.


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