Condemned 2 Out for PS3

Condemned 2 Out for PS3

Fortifying the ranks of the PlayStation 3 gaming library is Sega's Condemned 2: Bloodshot, which has just shipped to retailers.

Already out on the Xbox 360, the first-person action game is said by the developer, Monolith Productions, to "immerse players back into a universe of unimaginable psychological terror."

The title follows the tortured protagonist Ethan Thomas who examines a series of grisly murders that must be solved using a combinations of wit and force.

At the players disposal now are new forensics tools and fighting mechanics. Additional multiplayer modes are included along with what the developers have billed "the most brutal hand-to-hand combat experience" the genre has ever seen.

The game carries an "M" rating.


IT's out now isn't it? Must get the game.

The gameplay reminds me of the Bioshock trailer. The way the body moves and twists as you are performing actions. It looks as if it has succeded in doing what bioshock tried to lead you to belive it would do. (I love bioshock, don't get me wrong).

I wonder if they will add more forensic scenes in it. To me it seem like an idea just thown in the game for the heck of it. It was interesting and would like to see more of them in Condemmed 2.


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