Red vs Blue: Reconstruction Revealed

Red vs Blue: Reconstruction Revealed


Rooster Teeth has started a new series, Red vs Blue: Reconstruction.

Continuing the celebration of Red vs Blue's fifth anniversary, Rooster Teeth Productions announced an extension of the Red vs Blue video series with the unscheduled launch of Red vs Blue: Reconstruction, an original machinima series based on the Halo 3 game engine.

The trailer suggests that Reconstruction will be told in a starkly different tone than the previous Red vs Blue seasons. It appears that an emphasis will be placed on action segments and a darker story.

Although little is revealed during the short preview, it is clear that the team is improving its production cache and makes intuitive use of Halo 3's Forge map editor to adapt the game to fit their vision.


Wow, this is surprising news. I can't say that I'm an avid Machinima watcher. Although I do like my Digitalph33r fix and a couple of the other vids out there. But from what I knew RvB was renowned.

I see this going from Machinima to a natural series, like it did last time.

Reminds me of how Pure Pwnage picked up. With just a few in the beginning. And now I can't wait for the next episode. I'm eager to see what RoosterTeeth has in for us fans. From the trailer I think it looks great, an might still include some comedy for us. :)

Is it not called RvB:Reconstruction?

Anyways, unsure about this one. RvB is by and large absolute genius.

However, the worst series was the one where they went all serious with the alien, the bomb all that crap. It didn't make much sense, and it didn't suit the overall feel of the franchise. The lines weren't as quotable, the plot wasn't as funny.

Watching this trailer, it seems like they're going for the same tone again. Military types investigating the battlefield, making transmissions and recordings, etc etc. Ironically, it seems they're falling victim to the same thing that plagued Halo 2 and 3: taking themselves and their importance a bit too seriously. RvB is about funny characters saying funny things in funny situations. If they want to progress the series, fine, but they have to make sure they don't lose sight of the very thing that makes it watchable (the humour).

And having said all that, this series will no doubt turn out to be the most laugh-out-loud funny one yet.

Edit: Completely got on a roll typing "Ressurection" but yes, it's Reconstruction and the sotry has been fixed.

On topic: The original trailer for RvB had a strong action vibe, but it didn't really cover any story background, simply introduced the setting and characters. Reconstruction, on the other hand, seems to imply a serious storyline. So I'm not quite sure if it'll be humorous or not.


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