Warhammer Online Staff Shirts Available in Charity Auction

Warhammer Online Staff Shirts Available in Charity Auction


Sanya Weathers of GuildCafe has donated her Warhammer Online staff shirts for auction, with all proceeds going to Multiple Sclerosis research.

Proceeds from the auction of the ladies medium button-down shirts will go to Team N3RD's Gamers For A Cure. "This is real. I should know, they were my shirts when I was an employee at EA Mythic," she wrote on GuildCafe. "Pass the link to all the WAR fans you know - the money is going towards finding a cure for MS."

"WAR fans are awesome people that I loved working with when I was at EA Mythic," Weathers told The Escapist. "Supporting the great thing gamers do is my favorite part of my current job at GuildCafe. So I took a bit of my past life in hopes that it could make a little contribution to Team N3RD. Kwip and Kwipette are great people, and I'm proud that they allow me to march with them. And MS fucking sucks, so anything I can do, I will do."

Gamers interested in helping out with the fight against MS, and scoring some awesome loot in the process, can check out the auctions here.



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