Kane & Lynch Ad Banned In U.K.

Kane & Lynch Ad Banned In U.K.


A "graphic" and "shocking" Kane & Lynch advertising campaign has been banned in the U.K.

The Advertising Standards Authority said it had upheld 26 complaints about both print and television ads for the game, according to MCV, and has ordered Eidos not to print or broadcast them again. In one double-page ad, a crying, gagged woman was shown with her head being held back by one of the duo, while a second poster advertisement included a quote from the Official Xbox 360 Magazine which said, "Grittier and nastier in tone than anything you've seen before, the violence here is visceral, brutal and very, very real."

"The portrayal of violence it contained, with particular regard to the female hostage, was graphic and too shocking to be seen in an untargetted medium," the ASA said of the first ad, while the second was "likely to be seen as condoning and glorifying real violence," and "likely to cause serious or widespread offense."

Of the television ad, the ASA said, "A "crunch" sound was heard as the butt of a rifle was brought down on what was suggested to be a victim's head and another in which a man with a bloodied face appeared to have his throat cut; which we considered were likely to cause offense and distress to viewers despite the animated treatment." The Authority said the ad violated its regulations on harm and offense, violence and cruelty and personal distress.

Eidos said it had not intended to cause offense, but defended the poster as "cinematic" and said the television ad, which was only aired after 9 pm, was "not... overly violent" relative to the subject matter of the game. The full complaint and the ASA response can be viewed here.


Do they not realize that this actually ENCOURAGES sales of the game, unless your me, i just loved the demo so much i had to have it.

...you poor fool.

I concur with HS: Kane and Lynch is the most over-rated piece of crap to ever spawn from Eidos' holy studios. I mean, its pretty much common knowledge they had to literally pay off reviewers in order to receive good press. Yes, I did play the demo; Wow, you get to scale down a skyscraper only to engage in a mediocre action sequence when resembles something from the first Max Payne (except without the time-speed effects!)? Not my cup of tea, to be honest.

People have been complaining about violence in games for years, especially the ads on tv and ever since the new generation consols came out (wii/360/ps3), and this is actually the first time i have seen a game advertisement be banned, if the ASA are doing this to game ads of high violence then i dont even wana know what will happen when virtual-reality games are advertised...

From the sound of things, I think that this ad may have been over the top. I played the game, beat it, and genuinely enjoyed the experience, especially the Michael Mann-esque tone. To folks like Mel and HS that didn't like it: I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, but you don't need to talk down to people that did. That said, I don't think that the game needs to flaunt that it is at times very brutal. That does send the wrong message.

We used to have death sentences, and now we complain because a game looks to violent.

hell yeah. Where are we going to end?


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