Cry of the Infected Now Available

Cry of the Infected Now Available


Independent videogame developer Cyborg Arm Games has unleashed Cry of the Infected, a new zombie FPS with a twist.

In Cry of the Infected, gamers will step into the shoes of a zombie named Robert, desperately trying to find his wife amidst the upheaval of a city devastated a biological warfare experiment gone horribly wrong. The city's population has been turned into zombies, and now soldiers are roaming in groups, scared and out of control, shooting anything that moves, while zombies sometimes attack their own kind in fits of agony and rage.

"The story is really told through two perspectives," said Luke Porter, founder of Cyborg Arm Games and creator of Cry of the Infected. "You experience this gruesome environment as a zombie, but you also find pieces of a letter from one of the soldiers assigned to contain the outbreak."

Founded in August 2007, Cyborg Arm Games creates "unique first person shooter experiences for the hardcore gamer at low prices." Cry of the Infected contains 13 levels adding up to 1-2 hours of gameplay, plus an alternate ending and an unlockable secret weapon, and sells for $4.00. More information and a free downloadable demo are available at


Like Stubbs the Zombie mixed with Zombie Panic: Source, basically?

Sounds certainly worth at least one play-through to me. Especially at that price, heh.

The demo crashes for me after meeting the first soldier :(

Amateurly made, shallow, painful..

The concept is decent, certain graphical techniques are well used, but the game seems to parodise itself constantly with cheap humour and clichéd writing, while offering gameplay about as deep as Doom with melee and linear level designs.

Metiocer really but at $4 thats what you would expect right?

$4? Damn. I might pick it up. Gunna play demo.

That's a cool idea and I'm surprised it hadn't been done sooner. Totally gonna try it out now.


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