Chicago Transit Authority Pulls Grand Theft Auto IV Ads

Chicago Transit Authority Pulls Grand Theft Auto IV Ads


The Chicago Transit Authority has decided to remove a Grand Theft Auto IV advertising campaign from its buildings and buses after Fox News equated the ads with "an especially violent weekend" in the city.

GamePolitics has uncovered the decision, which came following attempts by Fox to contact CTA President Ron Huberman about the ads. Although Huberman would not speak to Fox on camera, a representative of the transit authority eventually responded to Fox inquiries about the advertisements by saying they would be coming down.

This is the second time the CTA has generated controversy as the result of a Grand Theft Auto ad campaign. In 2004, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who came under fire in 2007 for blowing $1 million of state government funds in a doomed attempt to enact legislation against the sale of videogames, criticized the Authority for running a campaign for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Those ads were also pulled, although the CTA claimed the contract for those ads was nearing its end anyway. Huberman's spokeswoman pointed out that Huberman was not the president of the CTA at that time.

In late 2006, Boston banned ads for M and AO rated games on its buses as well, a decision prompted by complaints from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood about bus advertisements for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Yes, because seeing an unshaven, angry looking Russian makes me want to hold up liquor stores...

Yes, because seeing an unshaven, angry looking Russian makes me want to hold up liquor stores...

...and join a Communist group and march through Red Square.....but Seriously it seems to me that FOX news controls or influences alot more people then I thought. Just what do they have against Rockstar North?

I'm not sure what is more lame: The fact that someone actually gives a damn what Fox news thinks or that they use what Fox news thinks as justification to pull the ads.

Fox News infuriates me to the point of no return. Especially after that Mass Effect crap they pulled.

What I want to see is somebody like CTA stand up for video games and keep the ads going. For goodness's sake! It's our First Amendment here! We have the freedom of expression! Ok, I know there are obvious restrictions, but good greif, this is overstretching terribly.

Don't contact your government representative to get ads pulled... call Fox News and make up some bullshit story about a violent weekend that was spurred by pictures on a bus.

Heck, you want to get the next president impeached? Leak a story about how they played Condemned... and liked it! Fox News would jump all over that shit and probably explain to the masses how the only way to advance in the game was to worship Satan while clubbing baby seals.

FOX is honestly turning into the new Jack.

Well at least Thompson was smart, in a small, dark-humoured kind of way.

This is just sensationalism for the sake of it.

Hey, it feeds the masses, and thus, survives. Though, it would be nice they let up, ya'know...

- A procrastinator


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