Majesco Dev Writes Reviewer on Bad Cooking Mama Score

Majesco Dev Writes Reviewer on Bad Cooking Mama Score


A Majesco developer has written a reviewer a sarcastic letter in response to a Cooking Mama 2 review.

Former GameSpot reviewer Alex Navarro posted to PassiveAgressiveNotes a letter written to him by an unnamed Majesco developer who was clearly perturbed by Navarro's review of Cooking Mama 2 for the Nintendo DS.

Navarro noted, "Game-makers bitching about reviews is nothing new, but rarely do they do it with as much sarcastic flair as this one does."

The Majesco employee's letter, sarcasm and all, says:

Hey Alex,

I would like to thank you for your review of Cooking Mama 2 for the DS.

It was fair and balanced and seemed to come from a special place in your heart.

I would like to thank you for your blunt honesty in telling people that the game is "not worth their while" and that they could "safely leave this one alone".

With the first Cooking Mama DS reaching 1 million units in Europe and near 1 million stateside, I began to worry that this might go to our heads.

Majesco's parking lot would be flooded with Bentley's, Maybach's and rare hybrid cars that run on pure ego. This is no longer my fear.

So I tip my cap to you good sir for keeping us grounded. God knows we are indeed all financially well off and not a bunch of hard working people just trying to pay our bills.

Keep up the good work and stay golden.

Happy Holidays!

Source: Joystiq


1 word. LOL.

Flashbacks to Advent Rising, anyone?


Hehe, funny bloke.

Best way to react to critisism.

After reading the review it looks like someone at Majesco took this a tad too personally. Navarro gave a gave a solid, legitimate review, and he got this letter in response. This is the kind of response you give to someone saying "You suck!" This isn't the response you give to someone who is essentially saying that you could have done better. And then there's that line about hard working people trying to pay the bills. Welcome to the capitalist economy, buddy! I'm not going to buy your game just because you need to pay for cable. Either make better games or get a new job. It's not the consumer's (or reviewer's) fault if they don't like your game.


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