Double Dragon on Wii Virtual Console

Double Dragon on Wii Virtual Console

The classic and popular side-scrolling fighter Double Dragon is making its way to the Wii Virtual Console.

Aptly described by Nintendo as the title that "brought the arcade original into the home and laid the groundwork for numerous sequels," Double Dragon has you dispatching countless thugs to rescue Marian.

The storyline has protagonist Billy Lee's girlfriend kidnapped by men who want to trade her back in exchange for Lee's fighting secrets. Lee has other plans and fights in the streets, jungles and temples, gaining experience and "hearts" along the way to unlock powerful combinations.

Also handy are the conveniently placed and plentiful "crates, boulders, whips, bats, knives and even dynamite" to help crack some skulls open.

The game features one and two player support and is rated E10+. It costs 500 Wii Points.



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