BBFC Laughs Off Industry's Self-Regulation Argument

BBFC Laughs Off Industry's Self-Regulation Argument

The British Board of Film Classification said it was "bemused" by industry arguments that the agency can't effectively rate game due to volume.

"I am completely bemused by the fact that these people claim to know how the BBFC works," said Sue Clark, a representative for the agency.

The statement came in response to gaming industry figures' assertions at a recent select committee on "harmful" content on the internet and in video games that the BBFC is overwhelmed. The witnesses claimed self-regulation was the right answer.

"They don't work here; they have no idea whether or not we can cope. The answer is: we can cope, and I don't know why the keep saying we can't," Clark said.

"The BBFC is entirely funded by the fees that we charge by classifying work, therefore if we get more work in we get more money, so if we need more staff we take on more staff," she explained.

Committee witnesses included Tiga CEO Richard Wilson, ELSPA Director General Paul Jackson, EA Vice President Keith Ramsdale, and Rebellion group CEO Jason Kingsly.



No, the agency can't effectively rate game - I am know this. All your base are belong to us.

Though, if the industry expresses an interest to self-regulate, then why doesn't the BBFC let them? What would be so about it? It would actually mean one less thing to woryy about.


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